The Whitmore Sisters

The Whitmore Sisters - Eleanor and Bonnie - made their debut with "Ghost Stories" in 2022 on Red House Records.

The disc, released Jan. 22, 2022, finds both sisters playing multiple string instruments (guitar, fiddle) and Bonnie also playing bass. The disc includes harmonies.

We're both seasoned musicians," Eleanor said. "We've made so many records on our own, for ourselves and with other artists. I'm classically trained. When we come together, we understand each other, because we have so much shared musical vocabulary."

"We have all these things that make us us," Bonnie said. "Our mother was an opera singer; our father was a folk singer. When I heard Ian & Sylvia for the first time, I finally realized that song wasn't our parents. That's how we discovered music."

The Whitmores have singing together for many years, including a family band. Along with their original material, they cover Paul McCartney's song he wrote for the Everly Brothers, "On the Wings of a Nightingale" and an upbeat catchy number by Aaron Lee Tasjan, "Big Heart Sick Mind."

Bonnie, who has released four solo albums, decided to join sister Eleanor and her husband Chris Masterson in their Los Angeles closed circle for a break during COVID. Chris, who's recorded four albums with his wife as The Mastersons, saw the visit as an opportunity for the sisters to make an album.