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Dallas Wayne

Dallas Wayne

Country music artist and SiriusXM personality Dallas Wayne released his latest album, Songs The Jukebox Taught Me: Volume 2 on Heart of Texas Records in 2018Volume 2 comes as a sequel to Songs The Jukebox Taught Me: Volume 1, which was released in 2016. Songs from the album are already in rotation on SiriusXM’s Willie’s Roadhouse and Outlaw Country channels. 

“These songs represent just a few of my favorites, barely scratching the surface of the thousands of great songs in classic country music,” said Wayne. “The jukeboxes that held them were, and are, the best textbooks I could ever hope to have. The lessons learned through the years, and the ones still being learned today, shaped me as a singer and songwriter. They are priceless to me, and I hope the folks who listen to this album will treasure them as well.”

Bill Anderson had nothing but kind words to say in regard to Wayne’s latest project: “I’ve often said anyone can trace a picture… it takes a true artist to paint one. Dallas Wayne is an artist, because he takes these old songs and paints them in a totally different light from the way the jukebox originally taught him. My song, ‘Tips Of My Fingers,’ for example, has never been recorded outside of a waltz tempo until now. And it shines… as do all the others… in the hands of a true artist.”

A native of Springfield, Missouri, Dallas Wayne is a singer, songwriter, radio DJ, voice-over artist, actor and music producer. He began performing professionally while in school before moving to Nashville, where he developed his vocal style, recording demos for the top music publishing houses and began songwriting. Since that time Dallas has performed throughout North America and Europe, releasing 12 albums of his own, and performing on various compilation and band recordings including the honky-tonk supergroups Heybale! and the TwangBangers, as well as a Grammy-nominated bluegrass album with Special Consensus. Throughout his career, Dallas has been a champion for classic country music — both in his live performances, and as an on-air personality for SiriusXM’s Willie’s Roadhouse (channel 59) and Outlaw Country (channel 60). He can be heard on SiriusXM: weekdays from noon to 6 p.m. Eastern at Willie’s Roadhouse (channel 59), and Tuesday through Friday in Outlaw Country (channel 60) from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern.

Dallas released his previous album, Songs The Jukebox Taught Me: Volume 1, on the Heart of Texas Records label in May 2016, celebrating the release with two appearances on the Grand Ole Opry and appearing on “Country’s Family Reunion” and “Larry’s Country Diner.” He currently lives just outside Austin, Texas, where he performs with the legendary band Heybale! in addition to his radio career, songwriting and touring.


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