Buick 6

Butch Norton · Stuart Mathis · David Sutton

"The heavens aligned....... because they did." - Silas Bennett Procter (1687)

Butch, Stuart, and David started Buick 6 while working day jobs at Krispy Kreme. Butch was the cream filler, Stuart was the master batter mixer, and David the glazer. During their breaks they would sequester themselves in Butch's Ford E250 Econoline van, where they had built a small rehearsal studio, and practice/hone their special brand of instrumental music.

Many frustrating years would pass until one fateful Monday afternoon when Lucinda Williams came in, on her regular Monday donut run, and heard this "rocking" sound emanating from the van. She pulled out her cassette recorder and secretly taped some of the Buick 6 jams. She hurried home and played the music for her producer/husband, Tom Overby, who quickly surmised that something “special” was going on here.

Lu and Tom spent the next few months gathering intel on these "Buick 6" guys. They would pop into Krispy Kreme every few days to study their behavior and working patterns. Lu noticed how well they worked together and was very impressed with their camaraderie. She exclaimed to Tom, "These guys should be my rock and roll band!" Tom agreed and finally contacted the International Donut Union, I.D.U. Local 969. His goal was to break the boys out of their Krispy Kreme contract. Many legal battles and negotiations ensued but finally Lu and Tom prevailed. They saved Buick 6 from the precarious world of donuts and began the task of training them to be Lucinda’s back-up band. 

In 2014 Tom decided to sign them to their first record deal on "Highway 20/Thirty Tigers Records". Plays Well With Others is their first official international release as Buick 6. All the music on this disc was born out of those jams and sweat soaked days in Butch’s van. Everything is composed by the boys except for the Bob Marley classic “So Much Trouble In The World” (hauntingly sung by Ms. Lucinda Williams herself) and an evocatively delicate rendition of Lucinda’s own tune, “Righteously”.

If this shit doesn’t make you snap your fingers, tap your toes, or shake your ass…….. then you should consider some mental health options.

Plymouth Fury by Buick 6

Plymouth Fury by Buick 6#NewVideo #Buick6 #MusicVideo

Posted by Buick 6 on Wednesday, July 1, 2015