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Bonnie Whitmore

Bonnie Whitmore

Bonnie Whitmore

“No one really wants to fuck with sad girls,” goes the rousing chorus for Bonnie Whitmore’s latest single – emphasizing a certain verb that almost certainly disqualifies it from mainstream radio play.

“I could’ve changed the word, but the point was to get a conversation going,” admits Whitmore.

The singer-songwriter, 33, has something to get off her chest about the expectations American culture puts on females. According to Whitmore, who grew up in Denton and counts Eleanor Whitmore of Austin’s Mastersons as a sibling, it begins with little girls being told crying is unacceptable and persisting through life with the mother of all backhanded compliments: “You should smile more. You’re so much prettier when you smile.”

“People want you to put on a persona that makes everyone else feel better, rather than being honest with yourself,” she says. “They don’t realize how rude and disheartening it is. For me, this song expresses that you don’t need to hide your emotions, but champion them. You’re sad? I’m like that too. Let’s emphasize and interact.

“We can get through it together.”

Whitmore reclaims the emotional integrity of sadness with her new single, a dynamic blaze of heavy Americana-pop that finds the University of North Texas alum grabbing patriarchy by the shirt collar and screaming truth in its face. “Fuck With Sad Girls” serves as the title track for her third LP, which arrives Oct. 28. Over 10 songs, she addresses the stigmas placed on “imperfect” women.

“Originally I wanted to make a rock record,” reveals the guitarist/bassist. “There ended up being a lot of different flavors – not one genre. To me, it’s a full-tilt vulnerability record.”


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