Squidbillies at Sea!

Everyone’s favorite hillbilly mud squids, the Squidbillies will be joining us on the third voyage of The Outlaw Country Cruise!

Meet the members of the Cuyler family and Dougal County before we set sail!


Squidbillies Onboard Activities

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Squidbillies at sea! Live!

It’s one part table read, one part puppet show, and all parts raucous entertainment! Whether you’re already a fan of the show or soon to be one, this live reading of a yet-to-be-aired episode of Squidbillies is sure to be a laugh riot as the voices and characters come alive on stage.

Show Up

Squidbillies Card Shart Poker Challenge

This here's real poker so let's raise the raise! If you’ve seen any of the epic Adult Swim Celebrity Poker Tournaments then you know you’re in for one helluva good time! Get excited to see the voices behind your favorite anthropomorphic mud squids go all in AND sign up for your chance to participate in this hilarious competition! Contestants will be chosen via lottery. Enter your Sixthman username HERE by January 18, 2018.