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Beyond the Music

In addition to all of our incredible shows and activities, we’re also excited to offer these unique experiences on board!

  • Tyler Mahan Coe

    Tyler Mahan Coe

    Creator & Host of Cocaine & Rhinestones

    Tyler Mahan Coe is the creator-writer-producer of the breakout podcast, Cocaine & Rhinestones: The History of Country Music. Immediately gripping and instantly credible, the show debuted in October of 2017 and quickly made the leap from country fan favorite to mainstream phenomenon through profiles in The New Yorker, The Guardian and Pitchfork. Coe’s fascination with his subject and dedication to uncovering the truths behind so many tall tales is nothing if not contagious. In early 2018, Cocaine & Rhinestones simultaneously occupied the #1 Music podcast position on both US and UK iTunes charts. A second season of the show has already been promised. In the meantime (seriously, it’s mean), you can find Tyler destroying friendships and dismantling the careers of pop/rock artists on his other podcast, Your Favorite Band Sucks, with co-host Mark Mosley.

  • Squidbillies


    Squidbillies follows the exploits of Dougal County's, Cuyler family, an impoverished group of anthropomorphic mud-squids. Drunken, redneck debauchery abounds in this award-winning animated show on Adult Swim. This year, some of the stars of the show will join us aboard The Outlaw Country Cruise 4 with a special theme night and activities, including the first-ever screening of The Outlaw Country Cruise Squidbillies episode that was recorded in 2018 during our third voyage. You're not gonna want to miss this! 

  • Liberty Tattoo

    Liberty Tattoo

    Liberty Tattoo, located in Atlanta, GA, has been a staple in the Atlanta tattoo community since its doors opened in 2002. The shop has seen tremendous growth over the years hosting artists from all over the globe, while serving customers from all walks of life. In 2014, Liberty was voted “Best Tattoo Shop in Atlanta” by the Georgia Voice; a testament to the artists’ commitment to deliver custom, high quality art to hundreds of clients each year.

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